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Welcome to Eyrich Natural Health and Healing.

This is an integrated holistic practice offering many techniques.  The combination of all these methods allows the patients to heal much faster and more effectively. Some of these techniques are:

Chiropractic: both low force and osseous manipulations to align the entire spine and all extremity joints.

Acupuncture: both with needles or non-needle to balance the nerve flow and energy flows in the body that cause pain, organ-glandular dysfunction and illness.

Craniosacral therapy: to align and mobilize the cranial bones and jaw (TMJ) which has a tremendous effect on health and pain relief.

Myofascial release: mobilizing all the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and membranes to increase range of motion and relieve pain.

Visceral manipulation: adjusts all organs in the body that are out of alignment such as a hiatal hernia, dropped bladder and uterus, intestinal blockages, adhesions in the lungs, gallbladder stasis, liver congestion and kidney ptosis. Allows the organs to function at optimal performance.

Biomeridian electro-dermal scanning: the most complete medical test a patient can receive!!! Tests for food allergies, organisms (yeast, fungus, virus, bacteria, parasites, amoebas , Lyme, flukes and worms), heavy metals, chemical toxins, phenolics, radiation, environmental toxins, and any immune system stressor.  Also testing for all supplements that can balance and heal the health concern. Without testing, most supplements taken do not help!!!!  Also tests for emotional imbalances, organ-glandular imbalances missed by blood exams, hormones, neurotransmitters, and diseases.

Hair analysis test: uses the hair on the scalp to assess all the endocrine systems, heavy metals, and mineral status of the body.  One of the most useful tests a patient can do to find imbalances and correct them.

Applied Kinesiology:  a wonderful technique of diagnosis and therapy using manual muscle testing to find structural, chemical, organ glandular, emotional, nutritional and other imbalances.

Emotional Release:  a healing method of identifying emotions stored in the body that cause illness and pain. Mental-emotional factors are paramount to address in many health problems.

Some of the other healing methods offered by Dr. Eyrich are cold laser therapy, frequency microcurrent, spinal decompression and 35 years of developing healing hands.

Eyrich Natural Health & Healing

9640 Commerce Drive Suite 432  Carmel, IN 46032   Ph# 317-872-8684    Fax# 317-872-1571

Dr. Tom Eyrich, D.C. L.Ac., N.D.