Voll Electrodermal

Voll Electrodermal Testing and Nano SRT

Every organ and gland has an associated acupuncture meridian.  Meridians are channels that carry “Chi”, or electromagnetic energy, to each organ and gland.  Just like there is a blood supply, lymph supply, and nerve supply, there is also a meridian channel supply.  These meridian channels are made up of acupuncture points that are areas of increased conductivity.  Electrodermal testing allows the doctor to measure conductivity levels at various key acupuncture points.  These are very clear indicators of illness within the body when the conductivity is abnormal.

The huge advantage of Voll electrodermal testing is the early indication of illness.  Where standard medical blood testing and urinalysis says a patient is normal, Voll testing will find the organ/glandular imbalance far sooner.  The sooner you diagnose and correct imbalance, the better the outcome.  Voll electrodermal testing will find solutions to health disorders that medical testing is missing.

No patient just has heart disease, cancer, or diabetes.  These illnesses were developing long before medical testing diagnosed them.  That is why these three major illnesses are on the rise.  There is NO early detection.  Electrodermal testing will show early signs of organ/glandular imbalance which lead to severe illness.  Illness is much easier to treat in the early stages.

Voll electrodermal testing can uncover all food sensitivities, yeast overgrowth, viruses, Lyme’s spirochete, bacteria, fungus, parasites, heavy metals, and chemicals in the body.  It also shows which organs and glands are under the greatest stress.  It is impossible to have good health if you don’t know where the stress is coming from.   This testing can also determine which supplements are best for an individual; taking the guess work out.  Most people taking supplements only guess based on unverified claims or articles falsely claiming to be “researched” and, therefore, waste money AND don’t improve their health.

The Nano SRT is similar to the Voll electrodermal testing other than it is completely automated.  Both systems are amazing at uncovering the cause of ANY health disorder. 

Now is the time to find out why you feel sick!!!