Food Sensitivities

The Five Hidden Factors of Food Sensitivities

Today, many people feel sick all the time. They go to medical doctors that run blood tests, urinalysis, and x-rays and still don’t find any answers. The reason is the testing is not uncovering the source of the pain. I call them the five hidden factors.

  1. Food Sensitivities & Allergies- Many people react to the food that they eat. The body treats the food as a foreign invader and attacks it causing inflammation, bloating, gas, nausea, abdominal cramping, and pain. These food sensitivities must be identified and can be eliminated with desensitization techniques.
  2. Organisms - It is common to have a yeast/fungal overgrowth in the gut, parasites, harmful bacteria, and viruses in the body. The Lyme’s spirochete can also be found in many patients. Natural therapy is addressed to rid the body of these organisms.
  3. Heavy Metal Toxicity - Aluminum, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and others can be found in excessive amounts in the body. These metals are extremely detrimental to health and must be eliminated.
  4. Chemical Toxicity - Virtually everyone has chemical toxicity from pesticides, cosmetics, paint, nail products, silver fillings, gasoline, cleaning products, pollution, bad water, dental work, and medical drugs. These poisons must be eliminated to be healthy.
  5. Scars - A scar can block the flow of energy in the body and negatively affects the nervous system. Once the scar is released many symptoms will disappear immediately.

A doctor that knows about the five hidden factors can help patients overcome even the worst disease processes. Anyone with heart disease, diabetes, or cancer has one or all of the five hidden factors.

Now is the time to eliminate these factors from your body and return to vibrant health!