Mission Statement

Eyrich Natural Health Mission Statement

Welcome to Eyrich Natural Health.

This integrated holistic health practice has been developed over 35 years by Dr. Thomas Eyrich. Dr. Eyrich has a tremendous commitment to natural health that allows him to treat patients with a vast variety of healing methods. These are based on the triad of health which sees our health being affected by structural factors, chemical factors, and emotional –psychological factors. Some of Dr. Eyrich’s techniques for structural balance are chiropractic, acupuncture , craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and visceral manipulation. Techniques for chemical balancing are the use of nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathics. Techniques for our emotional-psychological are somatoemotional technique, affirmations, neuroemotional technique and emotional freedom technique.

The reasons that patients don’t feel well are multifactorial. Some of them are vertebrae out of alignment (subluxations), TMJ disorder, blocked meridians (acupuncture), toxins in the body, food allergies, leaky gut syndrome, bacteria, parasites, fungus, viruses, Lyme spirochetes, heavy metals and chemical poisons. Combine this with emotional suppression and negative belief systems and illness sets in.

Dr. Eyrich has the skill and training over 35 years to diagnose and treat all these factors. This allows him to be extremely comprehensive and effective in his outcomes. The most advanced holistic doctors with amazing results integrate many techniques into one complete healing system.

Another very important fact for patients to understand is medical blood testing and urinalysis methods miss a tremendous amount of dysfunction in the organs and glands. For your blood to show out of balance, the patient has to be severely diseased. Blood analysis is not an early detection but rather shows up after disease is well established. For example, your liver will test normal until it has lost almost 90% function!   Thyroid blood tests miss thyroid problems 60% of the time. Testing for adrenal fatigue and toxicity is not medically important yet is a primary concern for a holistic doctor.

Medical testing is good for ruling out pathology (extreme disease), but it is not a measure of health. How many patients pass a medical blood test and urinalysis, yet are very sick and have many health complaints.

Dr. Eyrich utilizes state of the art holistic diagnostic tests to uncover organ-glandular weaknesses early and this allows him to be effective at correcting the problem sooner before it becomes serious and incurable. Some of these tests are electrodermal testing, acugraph, hair analysis, saliva hormone testing, applied kinesiology, palpation, system survey analysis, and 35 years of clinical experience with thousands of patients.

The weak organs-glands are identified and corrected with natural methods. The toxins in the body are identified and eliminated with natural methods. Any emotional-psychological factors affecting the organs are released, restoring the organs to health and vitality. The body and all the systems work together and only a doctor that can understand and see all these systems can bring the patient back to wholism and health.

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