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Dr. Thomas G. Eyrich
Chiropractor, D.C., L. Ac, N.D.

Chiropractic is the art and science of spinal health. In the spine, we have bones, called vertebrae. Virtually everyone, including children, have vertebrae that are out of alignment. When a bone in the spine misaligns it also fixates meaning it loses its range of motion. This can cause pinching of the nerves, inflammation, swelling, decreased range of motion and PAIN. The best method of correction is a chiropractic adjustment to re-establish proper alignment and motion of the vertebrae.

A big misconception about chiropractic is it is rough and can hurt. Chiropractic has a great variety of techniques ranging from non-force techniques that are very gentle to manual thrust techniques.  Therefore, it can be used on the most delicate patients including babies, older patients, and patients with osteoporosis safely. It can also be used to align stronger patients with a manual thrust technique. It feels absolutely great to get your spine in proper alignment and motion. The benefit to your health is amazing.

The spine communicates signals from the brain to all tissues, glands, and organs of the body. It also communicates from the body to the brain. Boney misalignments called subluxations in chiropractic greatly interfere with this crucial communication. When there are subluxations in the spine many health problems occur. Some of these are pinched nerves, especially in the neck and lower back, dizziness, circulation problems, swelling of the hands and feet, varicose veins, heart palpitations, anxiety, fatigue, memory problems, brain fog, organ problems, numbness, electrical feelings, vision problems, hearing disorders, jaw pain, lack of coordination, extremity pain, muscle spasms, feeling stiff, lack of flexibility, weakness, paralysis, insomnia, weight gain, decreased growth in children, learning disabilities, sciatica, disc problems, arthritis, and many more symptoms. The cure is chiropractic spinal adjustments.

When your spine is in proper alignment your body will function at a much greater level of health. You will feel stronger, younger, more flexible, and have greatly improved vitality. Taking care of your spine is a huge step toward optimal health. If you are in pain right now, chiropractic can be the natural answer to your problem. Drugs cover over symptoms. They do not cure. Chiropractic attacks the cause of the health problem.  

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